‘Torah is not education, it’s transformation’*

Holy Law is proud to offer a wide range of enjoyable and stimulating shiurim throughout the week which members and non-members are welcome to attend.

Rabbi Chazan gets the ball rolling on a Sunday with his Gemorah shiur one hour before Mincha.

Each Monday evening he enjoys an informal ‘schmooze’ with congregants at the home of one of our members.

On a Tuesday evening, Rabbi Shlomo Weisbart gives a Sefer HaChinuch shiur at Holy Law.

It’s the ladies’ turn on Wednesdays when Rabbi Chazan gives a lunchtime shiur.

Rabbi Chazan’s Parsha shiur takes place after Maariv on Thursdays.

Rabbi Chazan also gives a Tanya shiur half an hour before Shacharis each Shabbos morning.

Rabbi Meir Silver gives a Mishna Berura shiur from Sunday-Thursday. On a Sunday it takes place after Shacharis, and from Monday-Thursday it is at 7pm or 7.10pm, depending on the time for Mincha/Maariv or Maariv.

Rabbi Yehuda Fischer gives a Gemorah shiur after davening on Friday night in the winter, and on Shabbos evening in the summer.

Each Yom Tov we welcome guest speakers who give shiurim for the festivals.

We also have a variety of other educational activities, including the popular SEED programme for one-to-one learning after Maariv on Wednesdays.

During the winter months, we have a weekly ‘Lads and Dads’ learning session, Avos UBonim, which takes place one hour after Shabbos goes out. As well as quality time together, there is nash and a raffle with prizes to enjoy!


*Rebbetzin Dena Weinberg, widow of Yeshivat Aish HaTorah founder Rabbi Noah Weinberg.