Our Rabbi

Rabbi Yossi Chazan

We are privileged to have Rabbi Yossi Chazan as the Rav of our congregation. He’s renowned throughout the Jewish world as a compelling and inspirational speaker and is affectionately known as ‘The Rabbi Who Never Sleeps’.

He has a reputation as a vibrant and challenging leader and as an erudite figure who can interpret with lucidity difficult and problematic portions of the Torah, Talmud and halacha.

A light will often be burning in his office in the small hours as he prepares shiurim and sermons, learns, studies and davens, and imparts his wisdom to members of our congregation and the wider community.

A native New Yorker, Rabbi Chazan joined Holy Law in 1991 and has worked tirelessly ever since within the congregation, giving shiurim several times a week, visiting the sick in hospital and at home, helping individuals, couples and the young and old in a friendly and welcoming manner.

He has been supported in his work by his dedicated rebbetzen Mindy and their 12 children.

Rabbi Chazan is proud of the spiritual growth of the Holy Law community under his leadership.

“The buzzword of Judaism is growth and, thank G-d, over the years we have seen steady growth,” he says.

“Sometimes, when my children visit from overseas, they say how noticeable it is that the shul has been transformed into such a warm and caring unit.”

Rabbi Chazan was educated at the celebrated Mesivta Torah VeDaas. He graduated from Yeshivas Tomchei Temimim (Lubavitch) in Kfar Chabad, New Haven, Montreal and New York.

In 1981 he became a Kollel fellow at the Yeshiva Centre in Melbourne, where he developed a reputation for scholarship and excellence.

In 1984, he arrived in the UK as director of education at Manchester’s Jewish Cultural Centre. Their loss was our gain seven years later, when he joined Holy Law.